Migrant Caravan Gets Aggressive After Being Blocked By Mexico, Non Citizens Voting Democrat Fraud

Migrant Caravan Gets Aggressive After Being Blocked By Mexico, Non Citizens Voting Democrat Fraud

the latest caravan of Central American
migrants clashed with a wall of troops at Mexico’s border this week National
Guard forces were lined up along the river border with Guatemala on Monday
they stood against several thousand people who fled gang violence last week
then came chaotic scuffles before some managed to break through gaps between
troops and ran across the riverbanks migrant jose castillo was among those
facing mexican forces there’s a big difference because in the caravans from
previous years you were only on the border for two days and after two days
they let you pass first Caravan from 2018 people came through now the
authorities don’t even let us go through the river
this latest Caravan is a test that Mexican president Andres Manuel Lopez
Obrador he’s trying to stop undocumented Central
American migrants bound for the US at the bidding of US President Donald Trump
if Mexico and Central American countries can’t contain migrants Trump has
threatened economic pain Obrador said Tuesday operations at the border were
meant to protect migrants many in the caravan had been walking for days
carrying armfuls of belongings and some with a child on their hip but
authorities say hundreds were detained and later deported by bus or plane like
iris Hernandez Meza it was a very hard experience for those people who want to
go it’s very difficult to cross now wherever you go they surround you they
grab people and return them to Honduras a Reuters witness also spoke to at least
two mothers whose children went missing among the border chaos but Mexican
migration officials later said there were no reports of lost minors
more than four thousand migrants from Central America are trying to cross into
Mexico largely in hopes of reaching the United States where President Donald
Trump says they’re not welcome this latest group led by people trying to
flee poverty and violence in Honduras is stoking memories of large caravans
president Trump railed against during the 2018 midterms and bitterly condemned
as he threatened tariffs against Mexico last year the new outflow with migration
numbers on Monday appearing to have doubled since last week is being met by
hundreds of Mexican National Guard troops mobilizing to deter the influx
meanwhile migrants some praying for a safe journey
some clashing with security forces appear determined to complete the
journey the point they I left my country was because it wasn’t a job there’s no
work up there is too much violence much criminal people and we can leave that’s
the only thing I can tell this group is pushing forward despite the Trump
administration’s requirement that people claiming fear of violence or persecution
must first apply for asylum in other Central American countries they pass
through the administration is additionally for some 56,000 people with
pending asylum hearings in the US to wait in Mexico often in squalid migrant
camps their treatment there was condemned by Texas Representative
Joaquin Castro part of a congressional delegation visiting the border region
their folks there who obviously don’t have running water there are young kids
less than a year old some of them two or three years old who are living with
their parents and squalor there are times when the river overflows there or
you get heavy rain and their encampment turns to mud these are conditions that
people seeking asylum and refuge in the United States should not have to endure
Mexico says migrants from Central America may apply for residency social
services and work visas largely in the southern part of the country where wages
are low the whose interior secretary says the
government of Mexico is open to be in a country of hospitality and refuge to the
migrants who want to remain here to work and to make use of our social programs
welcome but for those who want Mexico only as a country of transit we will not
accept them Mexico reports that it deported a hundred and seventeen
thousand migrants during the first 11 months of 2019 while the US says it
deported 143 thousand in the 2019 fiscal year RGV Border Patrol agents discovered
close to 40 migrants hidden inside of tractor trailers to those failed
smuggling attempts happen at the fun furious checkpoint over the weekend
during secondary inspections a border patrol canine alerted to the trailer
where agents found a 28 to undocumented immigrants hidden some of them between
pallets of flour and in Kingsville at the Javier Vega jr. checkpoint on Sunday
agents discovered another nine immigrants trying to conceal themselves
within the crates of produce the immigrants from on doodahs El Salvador
and Mexico were all taken into custody she was an imposter in Northeast
Philadelphia woman admits to posing as a fake immigration attorney in a scheme to
scam undocumented immigrants she admitted in federal court today to
ripping off immigrants who were trying to become US citizen and she allegedly
scammed them out of at least $11,000 Eyewitness News reporter Matt ray lewis
live at the federal courthouse in Center City with more Matt the defendant Ana
Molina of Northeast Philadelphia admitted to the judge today she preyed
on undocumented immigrants who were only trying to chase the American dream 56
year old Ana Molina in the red coat left a federal courthouse this afternoon
saying nothing but federal prosecutors argued she ran an immigration services
business that turned out to be part of a charade animal leader pled guilty to
defrauding people who were looking for a permanent resident status in the United
States Elena’s storefront is set up on caster
Avenue in Northeast Philadelphia it’s called Molina multi legal services
it’s here federal investigators say Molina posed as an attorney
and offered bogus legal advice to vulnerable clients who were trying to
change their undocumented status they’re immigrants and I don’t know what their
legal knowledge is so I don’t know whether they knew that what she was
doing was legal or not but I know that they placed their trust in her can you
tell us where that money went ma’am in all prosecutors believe Molina ripped
off at least seven victims out of eleven thousand dollars she now faces anywhere
from two years to a hundred forty eight years in federal prison she’s got to
face the consequences of her actions Ana Molina is also expected to pay that
$11,000 back in restitution she’s set to be sentenced in April
reporting live outside the federal courthouse in Center City Matt Petrillo
cbs3 Eyewitness News Matt thank you federal immigration officials are trying
a new tactic to fight New York City’s so-called sanctuary policies US
Immigration and Customs Enforcement issued four subpoenas Friday for
information about inmates wanted for deportation the move came hours after
the agency’s acting director blamed the city sanctuary policies for the sexual
assault and killing of a 92 year old woman in Queens the agency sent similar
requests to the city of Denver this week and says it’s considering expanding the
practice to other jurisdictions that refuse to share information with
immigration officials then four officials say they’re not handing over
any information to u.s. customs and immigration enforcement about four men
wanted for deportation I sent out for administrative subpoenas earlier this
week looking for information on three Mexican nationals and one Honduran who
had been in the custody or who had been in custody in Denver a deputy executive
associate director for ice says now the agency could work with federal officials
and hold Denver law enforcement agencies in contempt one of the men stopped by
ice was arrested for sexual assault another for vehicular homicide and a
third for child abuse and strangulation assault the fourth was arrested on
domestic violence charges three of them have now been released from custody in
Denver all had been removed from the country previously Katie Johnston
covering Colorado first new tonight a valley billionaire
is making a big bet on the future of young undocumented immigrants GoDaddy
founder Bob Parsons Charitable Foundation is donating almost a million
dollars to help dreamers get an ASU education but it comes as the US Supreme
Court decides a case that could put up roadblocks to their future team 12
political insider Bram Resnick talked to ASU President Michael crow and a dreamer
about what the donation means yet to any critics Mike Rowe says everything he’s
doing for undocumented immigrants is in line with the state constitution for
students like Denis Alvarez the Parsons scholarships are a path to a future they
could never have imagined it has opened so many doors for me
ASU jr. Denis Alvarez wants to be a teacher
her passion fuelled by her own school teachers and kept alive by generous
donors I would not be here without the scholarship that I have Alvarez is one
of many daca recipients at ASU whose tuition is covered in whole or in part
by scholarships funded just for them we’re dealing with kids who are in the
United States because their parents brought them here who are trying to move
forward there live 35 more undocumented immigrants will have a shot at an ASU
degree thanks to a nine hundred and thirty seven thousand dollar donation
from the Bob and Renee Parsons Foundation the new Parsons Scholars
Program will help cover the cost of their tuition and provide financial
literacy training and academic coaching instructions in the Arizona Constitution
for k-12 students doesn’t say please educate some of the students who are X Y
Z it says educate every student it says relative to the university ever educate
every qualified student and so we’re educating every qualified student but
the dreamers like Denis Alvarez undocumented immigrants shielded from
deportation faced an uncertain future when they graduate well I’m trying to
focus on is what can I do right now to make sure that I am prepared the US
Supreme Court is expected to rule this spring on president Trump’s decision to
end the Obama era daca program Denis Alvarez doesn’t know what that means
it’s heartbreaking it’s scary and students who are undocumented pay one a
halftimes the tuition that an in-state student pays there are about 300
undocumented immigrants on asu’s campus student body of 75,000 now back over to
you alright bran thank you hundreds of
non-us citizens were registered to vote illegally in Illinois because of a
glitch in the keypads at state driver services facilities in 2017 then
Governor Bruce rauner signed the automatic voter registration bill into
law it requires eligible Illinois citizens
applying for or renewing driver’s licenses or ID’s to be automatically
registered to vote unless they choose to opt out a letter from Secretary of State
Jessie White’s office blamed a quote programming error in the signature pad
for accidentally registering the non-citizens as voters the individuals
who are applying for driver’s license were inadvertently pulled into the
automatic voter registration a spokesman for the Secretary of State says the
non-citizens who were registered to vote are actually here legally they’re not
undocumented immigrants and they did not lie on their forms it was in fact a
state error that signed them up to vote we discovered an error and we fixed it
and then we notified the State Board of Elections and the local election
authorities and the individuals that were impacted still Republican lawmakers
who have long raised concerns over potential voter fraud say the error
undermines the integrity of state elections I don’t have a lot of
confidence in the Secretary of State’s office right now Republican
representative Tim Butler of Springfield is demanding a house investigation into
Jesse White’s office he may or may not have known about this I have no idea but
he needs to be held responsible for it it’s his operation that allowed this to
happen in a written statement the state GOP chairman called for heads to roll
saying quote it’s simply inexcusable that non-citizens voted in Illinois and
potentially affected the outcome of elections across the state those in the
Secretary of State’s office who allowed this to happen should be terminated from
their employment with the state the scale of the problem is relatively small
of the 574 people who could have been registered only 16 actually
cast ballots this issue is significant in terms that we want to make sure that
there is complete integrity with our automatic voter registration system and
the Illinois State Board of Elections tells us of those 16 people who cast
ballots that were non-citizens only three of them voted here in Chicago
state officials say they are working to take off of the voter rolls those non-us
citizens who were mistakenly added tonight the Secretary of State under
fire after it’s revealed five answers tonight the Secretary of State
under fire after it’s revealed 545 non-us citizens were mistakenly
registered to vote the same Board of Election confirms a few of them cast
balance in the 2018 elections including in Macon County but as W andis Tristan
Hardy reports tonight the board needs to figure out who are citizens while early
voting for the primary election is less than two weeks away Governor JB Pritzker
says its office wants to make a full investigation into how more than 500
legal immigrants were registered to vote that our democracy is working properly
is a priority of mine Illinois Board of Elections tell W and E News this was an
error from the Secretary of State’s office and the mistake was brought to
the state board’s attention in December of 2019 we do not know at this point how
many previously registered voters might have been included in that bash that’s
Matt Detrick the spokesman for the Board of Elections when applied for driver’s
license you can register to vote in the process an applicant is asked if they
are a US citizen Dietrich says 574 people checked no but their application
was sent over for registration any way we determine that of those 574 only 545
had actually had registrations completed Dietrich goes on to say 16 out of the
545 applicants casted 19 ballots I believe there are 4 voters among the 16
who actually voted who had fairly extensive voting histories Don Gray the
singham and County Clerk says only one person was suspended from the voting
system and they didn’t vote I also reached out to the Champaign County
Clerk and ammon’s but haven’t heard back in news time Josh tanner the Macon
County Clerk says seven people were identified as non-citizens however he
says one of them voted and verified themselves as a citizen we’re going to
investigate each one of them ask them to come in and clear up any you know
question about whether they’re a citizen or not both gray and Tanner tell W and E
News what her information they received from the
Secretary of State’s office is assumed checked and cleared they wouldn’t have
known now they hope there aren’t any more issues
Tristan Hardy wYMT news Mayton County Clerk says the seven listed as non
citizens have to reach out to the office to clarify their legal status well in a
statement tonight state senator Andy Manar says the Secretary of State needs
to create a plan of action to ensure these errors never happen again when our
said he’s willing to pursue a Senate committee meeting in order to get some
answers as to what caused the issue tomorrow Congressman Ronnie Davis will
be joined by state representatives at the State Capitol as they discuss the
problems in the automatic voter registration system Davis says there
needs to be an urgent resolution to this issue before early voting for the March
primary begins February 6 for the secretary states later this has
been a problem since July 2nd of 2018 so that means there are potentially people
who are registered to vote before the 2018 midterm elections that may have
voted in the term election a spokesman for the State Board of Elections
confirmed quote we do know that some of the 574 non-citizens voted in 2018 a
letter from the Secretary of State’s office blamed a programming error in the
signature pad at the counter at the DMV for whatever reason that technological
programming error did not properly remove the individuals from the
individuals who are applying for driver’s license
were inadvertently pooled into the automatic voter registration I don’t
have a lot of confidence in the Secretary of State’s office right now in
a letter to House Speaker Michael Madigan House Republicans called for
oversight hearings Secretary of State Jessie White’s office said the problem
is contained and under control we discovered an error and we fixed it and
then we notified the State Board of Elections and the local election
authorities and the individuals that were impacted we have to have complete
confidence that our offices are doing the right thing and that goes for the
Secretary of State he may or may not have known about this I have no idea but
he needs to be held responsible for it it’s his operation that allowed this to
happen is anybody being held accountable for this error well we take it very
seriously and like I said we fixed it as quickly as soon as it was discovered
in abilene church helping the hispanic community with specific documents to
help integrate into the new United States our Kathryn Garcia explains in
our top story at the end of this month the Mexican Consulate is expected to
arrive here at the temple had some money in North Abilene assisting folks in the
Hispanic community with documents such as passports birth certificates and more the small church is opening its doors
January 28th through the 31st community leader Billy Enriquez says this program
has been a success each year and every year and a half there’s just a crowd of
people that individuals in show up that need that service Erika says this
program is a pathway for the Mexican community to integrate more efficiently
into the u.s. they need a mother here in the United States in order to to be
identified and even if they’re permanent residents they still need their
passports when they open up checking account savings account if they’re doing
driver’s license anything that requires state or federal pool you’ll have to
have a passport pastor someone Lopez of Temple hits and
money explains the bigger picture of this event they want it to come here and
they asked us if they could use the church so we gladly said yes we accepted
come we’re here to serve the community not only in the religious area but also
in these areas are so important the church also wants to reassure the
community that for those who are undocumented this is considered a safe
space reporting in North Adaline captain Garcia K RBC aveline’s local news all
right Thank You Catherine church officials say registration is required
you can call three to five six six eight six four nine one for more information

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  46. The spokesman for the college says that they have a mission to educate all those who qualify, not only those who can pay. But if a student can't pay, that means they don't qualify and that goes for US citizens across the board. It should apply to illegals as well.

  47. Look at those arrogant illegal aliens flying their piece of s*** flag country and disrespecting our president f*** you

  48. If I as a American citizen CANNOT get into France with a passport or papers, and I’m in NO RIGHT to demand something from another country…who the hell do ANY of these people think they are that’s it’s OKAY to break a law and play dumb and be mad WHEN COPS FIGHT BACK??

  49. Come to the ports legally a legal process will start at the ports not the illegals going around crossing rivers hopping over walls we don't want illegals.

  50. there are people that need to go the f home…… no jobs for illegals… glad she scammed them they deserve it good for you Anna… they are idiots for coming here…

  51. These people need to fight to get their country back. We did so they need to. We can't deal with everyone else.

  52. I'm sorry but the sad stories and catastrophic experiences they knew they would endure, are the very stories they are counting on to elicit sympathy from all North Americans. I have resea, studied befriended them closely for 40 years to learn their motives, stories, so I could write about them. It's too much to put here. Basically, they are almost all, scamming Americans, lying, using every trick they can to stay here and draw handouts.

  53. Why aren't these student grants given to poor American citizen children? This is discri.ination!! The DACA kids must be sent home. There is no room in our country try for our own students to be so singled out and left out because.DACA.kids.are dropped off here by their crimes final parents. They can't get passports or visas and come here legally be cause their parents were cri.finals with arrest records and jail or prison time. Many others are drug pushers and don't want to leave a paper or computer tdail. This is just disgusting! They all should. Go home to their families AND their co U try of birth

  54. Our great president Trump speaks for me! Democrat Hispanic for trump 2020 ! Build the dam wall deport them all! And these people have the audacity to fly their flags when they're trying to come here bullship we don't want them ! The Hispanic neighborhood has gone to sit and guess we're all these fuckers are coming . Once again thank you President Trump!!!

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